Coyote Tracks


Coyote has been making Art as long as she can remember. Her Inspiration to be an artist started with an eccentric childhood which was filled with travel and many different types of art. She is a self taught artist who has found love for many mediums including charcoal, calligraphy, ink, acrylic and aerosol art, alongside tattooing. Coyote has spent many years traveling and has drawn inspiration from, the beauty of nature, her love for urbanscapes, architecture as well as traditional cultural art across the globe. She has chosen the human form as her favorite canvas and tattooing has become her primary passion. She is passionate about how tattoos can both transform and embellish the human body. Her current work is the creation of custom high quality body art that is rooted in her authentic expression as an artist while meeting the inspirations and desires of her clients to create tattoos that fit each unique body and each unique soul.

Her styles include Blackwork, Ornamental, Black & Grey and Abstract Calligraphy

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